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The maintenance of Impact crusher
Technical articles

The maintenance of Impact crusher

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Impact crusher is an necessary equipment in stone production line,sand and gravel crushing line. The equipment maintenanced can improve a service life and production efficiency.

Impact crusher to replace the wearing parts of the crusher: replacement of wearing parts, first open shelves.When in use, the upper and middle case after the bolts to unload, and then use the wrench to flip device six corner portion of the head, then slowly open shelves.At the same time, can use above the frame hanger hanging rack.Repeat the above process, i.e. closed shelves.Plate hammer: back broken hammer wear to a certain degree should be timely adjusted or replaced, in order to avoid the fasteners and other components of the injury.Counterattack crusher: after opening the cover, remove the fixing the counterattack scaleboard with the cotter pin, slotted nuts, bolts, and can be worn after the counterattack scaleboard replacement.Such as the installation of new counterattack scaleboard, upside down the steps at once.

Impact crusher of bearing temperature high:

1 grease, excessive or insufficient: check whether the excess grease

2 grease stain: clear after the bearing replacement of lubricating grease

3: replacement of damaged bearing bearing of impact crusher in sand making production line played a key step, in the use of the process, we should timely maintenance and repair, to solve the problem as soon as possible.