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Hammer crusher inside component replacement method
Technical articles

Hammer crusher inside component replacement method

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-06-22    Size:Small Medium Big

Hammer crusher working principle:
Hammer crusher uses high-speed rotary hammer head to impact ore and crush the ore after it entering the crushing cavity. At the same time, the ore got energy in the impact process and beared down on the crushing plate and sieve disk to get further crushing.

Hammer head parts replacement method: when the hammer wear and tear, need to be replaced with new hammer or over, hammer weight election exchange standard hammer, and some regulations, they should replace the worn 50 mm, but most of them according to the actual working conditions, when not playing production materials or drop hammer crusher, then check, replacing the small part.Special attention should be given to members of a new hammer replacement, arrange new balance.Hammer head weight can be divided into three types: the most heavy, heavy and light.The first part of 40 mm *40 mm thickness of four mm steel weld plate, then in each position of the hammer.Need to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the hammer head of hammer crusher can limit die ensure the space of flows, basically ensure the arc hammer performance in two sprint.This ensures that the hammer is not sticky, but also with the hammer plate tangent in the process of reducing buffer, to reduce the impact of loss, save.