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Double teeth roller crusher nine advantages
Technical articles

Double teeth roller crusher nine advantages

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-06-06    Size:Small Medium Big

(1) Double teeth roller crusher shape compact size, some customer site is very limited, it is double toothed roll crusher compact size is particularly dominant, for large open-pit mining, mountains and mechanical double toothed roll crusher the space occupied by the index of jaw crusher, the space occupied by a small portion of.

(2) without foundation restraint, toothed roll crusher structure design makes all the crushing force are included in the equipment inside the frame, so you only need to bear the weight of the equipment, the advantages of the double roll crusher can be mounted on wheels, truck, or ties, and makes the open-air mining pit crushing possible.

(3) the comminuted product at least, double toothed roll crusher using tensile stress and shear stress to break material, this from the usual extrusion type is exactly the opposite, this method can better control of crushing process, thereby reducing the powder content, the granularity of product also can be controlled in the range.

(4) standard structure, each type of toothed roll crusher structure is standardized, his structure and length can change with the productivity of the requirement.Each roller shaft gear, gear ring, a spacing roller tooth number and connecting structure can be changed to fit the needs of different granularity.

(5)Double teeth roller crusher have high production capacity, low operation cost, double toothed roll crusher teeth number of relatively large, number of teeth of the installation position and the distance of the design to ensure that less than qualified fragmentation of particles can directly through the broken section without breaking, crushing the minimum power consumption makes.This unique design makes the low speed, low wear condition, has high processing ability, in fact, tooth structure like a rotating screen, with minimal energy consumption so that qualified particles pass, which needs to be broken material is easier to make the material to be broken tension broken.At the same time this characteristic also omits the feed inlet is arranged at the front end of the screen is necessary, double toothed roll crusher tooth tip portion is cut with a knife, at the same time using the active crushing methods, also reduces wear and tear.

(6) broken than large, when in need of big crushing ratio, toothed roll crusher in two roller mounted beneath a can modulate the broken rod.Tooth roller clamping material produced by the first stage crushing material between two rollers, by generating a second stage crushing, broken rods with gear roller interaction on the front two phase of the third phase of the implementation of the broken pieces.

(7) self cleaning function, toothed roll crusher low speed, and the two rollers on large roller gear rotates in mutual grooming, which can deal with wet the viscous material, and other types of crusher in this case work will cause great difficulties.

(8) after an accident prone to rapid resumption of production, when due to a broken material into the crushing chamber to cause accidents when parking, simply let the roll axis inversion can resume production, without manual from the crushing equipment took a matter.

(9)Double teeth roller crusher can save costs, and other types of crusher compared, on the same granularity, double toothed roll crusher the size and weight of the smallest, crusher of lowest price.