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Double teeth roller crusher components
Technical articles

Double teeth roller crusher components

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Hua Sheng Ming double teeth roller crusher is composed of a machine frame, a roller, a triangle belt transmission device and the spring safety device and other main components.Two of the motor via a belt pulley driving, driving the two roller opposite movement.A roller shaft is supported in the frame and are fixed together by the fixing bearing, another roller bearing in bearing.The movable bearing along the rack rails to move horizontally, so that between the two roller width of discharge opening when necessary can be increased, the broken material discharge machine.

Movable bearing by means of spring pressure to the left, in the normal double toothed roll crusher state, the spring force is sufficient to overcome the broken materials needed for crushing force.The frame and the movable bearing is arranged between the different thickness of gasket gasket, change the number can be adjusted between the two roller width of discharge opening.The other end of each spring is supported in the activity, the bearing seat, and the bearing seat and activities through special nut and the card in the double toothed roll crusher frame stud connection, torsion stud, can make and bearing seat together special nut to advance or retreat, can adjust the spring force, in order to adapt to the material nature of a special requirement.

My company produces double teeth roller crusher gear roller are each separate from the motor drive.Can also use a motor through a belt drive fixed bearing roller bearing roller, fixed at the other end of the shaft is provided with a gear, the gear drives the movable roller.Because the material changes in the nature of the active roller and move around, so the gear teeth height must be increased, so as to prevent engagement detachment.Therefore, the traditional double teeth roller crusher is with long teeth gear transmission, it can allow the operation to change two roller center distance and do not break meshing characteristics.

Double teeth roller crusher feeding device: similar products of the feeding device is directly connected silos, no cloth device, easy to cause the material partial, seriously affect the roller wear, produce offset load force, influence of shaft.The crusher is arranged in the upper part of the body through the broken of electromagnetic vibration feeder, even feeding, through the feeder is arranged in the regulating flap or silicon controlled rectifier modulation vibration to realize on the feeding quantity of coarse, fine adjustment, thereby accurately control feeding.