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The practical application of feeder
Technical articles

The practical application of feeder

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2013-01-21    Size:Small Medium Big
Feeder and crusher together as ancillary equipment, which itself does not have the crushing, screening and other functions, there are many kinds of feeder: Trough feeder, disc feeder, vibrating feeder several categories, common trough feeder and vibrating feeder two categories.
Vibrating feeder it is currently the most widely used devices are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electricity, machinery, food industry, massive, granular and powder out of the silo or hopper uniform continuous or quantitative
Given by the feeding device, such as belt conveyors, crushers and other equipment to achieve the automation of the production process.
Many customers have been asking when the purchase of production line can not fail to use feeder, we give the answer is yes, do not use the crusher there are many, two of which First: customer use of human fillers, by artificial judgment quantitative filled, but the drawback is time-consuming but also likely to cause the the unstable production efficiency and crusher easy to choke on a lot of filler; take advantage of the terrain, the construction of silos so that the material itself slipped to be crushed in the crusher broken positions, this can be done Province go to a feeder as well as eliminating the need for large the amount of manpower, but the amount of feed is not easy to control, and is likely to cause unnecessary trouble, so we recommend to use in the broken line feeder.