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The Improvement deficiencies of jaw crusher
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The Improvement deficiencies of jaw crusher

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-08-10    Size:Small Medium Big
In the application of broken crusher production line is common, Jaw crusher is using the principle of the broken move up and down movement of hubei, the supplies extrusion, although Jaw crusher after years of development, the technology level also have been improved greatly, but its nature still don't change, the main or use of the dynamic hubei drive way.
In the past, people often used technique is crusher connecting rod technology, but this kind of crushing technology has obvious flaws, in the modern mining machinery of industry, has also been gradually be eliminated, the connecting rod type of crusher equipment is not the most ideal place is wear-resisting performance is very poor.
Jaw crusher work in the whole processing of industry can be seen everywhere, because of Jaw crusher is primary dressing and crushing equipment, in the processing of usually use first Jaw crusher for big ore in broken, complete with other broken again after the finely homework mechanical crusher so as to complete the final grade mineral.
In order to solve the problem, HSM heavy industry used the new high efficiency and energy saving wear resistance of broken equipment, make full use of technology at home and abroad, let the edge of the board be partiality axis movement transmitted to the outside of the dynamic hubei, and used the four connecting rod double acting mode, thoroughly changed the crusher of the shortcomings of the wear resistance to the use of physics technology kinematics and broken theory, and improve the performance, can make full of material was broken, the broken, fine torn.