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The improvement lining board of jaw crusher
Technical articles

The improvement lining board of jaw crusher

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-08-08    Size:Small Medium Big
Lining board in addition to protect jaw crusher simplified, prolong service life outside, the more important is because of the mining face of different shape, directly affects the grinding efficiency and ability, grinding energy consumption, medium and of lining board of the loss, the medium of the dynamic distribution, etc. So, people are very concerned about the lining board wear-resisting material, structure, dense loss the following factors.
In the last ten years, improvement and development of lining board, home and abroad have made a lot of work, has made significant progress. Currently used in the manufacture of wear-resisting lining board materials are metal materials, rubber material and magnetic materials three categories.
Crusher is British in 1882, hart phil (R.A.H adfield) invented, it is widely used and old first generation of wear-resisting material. The second generation wear-resisting material is nickel hard cast iron, began in the 1930 s, wear resistance of high manganese steel than across the step, but present big brittle. The third generation of wear-resisting material is the 1970 s the rise high chromium cast iron (actinides are), its impact toughness than nickel hard cast iron has been improved, and has high wear resistance. At the same time, in order to adapt to the working conditions of high impact toughness, good wear resistance of various kinds of wear alloy steel and metal composite material arises at the historic moment.
By mining out of the ore, except a few valuable mineral rich deposits of the rich, the vast majority are contains a lot of compositions lean. In metallurgy industry as it, because these lean useful components content is low, mineral composition complex, if direct used to extract metal smelting, can big, high production costs, for more economy in the development and use of low grade lean ore, expand the mineral source of raw material, ore in smelting must pass before sorting or enrichment to abandon most the gangue, make useful mineral content to the requirements of the smelting.