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Impact crusher of improvement and optimization
Technical articles

Impact crusher of improvement and optimization

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-08-03    Size:Small Medium Big
For a long time in the process of material breakage of steady development, people also has been, design and manufacture all kinds of broken machines. But with the energy shortage and the increased cost of processing, modern and crushing equipment is facing some of the important problem to be solved, need to research and development of new, high efficiency and energy saving crushing equipment and technology, and optimizing the broken process, the energy saving, consumption reduction, improve the economic benefits of crushing equipment users have very important significance.
The material is refers to the use of external forces will be broken into a small particle materials large particles of the process, the corresponding equipment used is called broken machines, or grinding material crushing is to use outside force will be small particle materials into powder material of the process, the corresponding equipment used is called grinding machine. Broken and powder together up "broken grinding, the corresponding equipment used hereinafter referred to as broken grinding machine. The purpose of the broken ground material is: increases the surface area than material, in order to improve the material effect and chemical reaction speed; Preparation industry such as concrete aggregate with gravel and artificial sand. Make the useful ore into decomposition away, in the ore with ingredients often and the gangue or other impurities close even had together, only through the broken ground equipment can make useful components and the gangue or impurity composition separation; The next step for raw materials and work preparation or easy to use.
Impact crusher is widely used in industrial production of general and crushing equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries as well. Impact crusher task is to provide a certain partical size and fully discrete and not a crushing processing raw materials, for the next processing or use.
Our country impact crusher since the middle of the 20 th century since the successful imitation, didn't get the big development, the level of basic stay in developed countries and the first generation of the second generation product the level, serious impact on the use of the relevant department of economic benefits. Especially in recent years, with "much less broken ground" and other new technology was proposed and the global ore grade it day by day, and the mining and mineral processing scale increase, and the amount needed to deal with the crude ore has increased dramatically, traditional impact crusher already cannot satisfy the requirement of production department. However, the introduction of this kind of high energy impact crusher, very expensive, not only waste many foreign exchange, still serious effect on our country's equipment manufacturing industry technical reserves. To solve these problems effectively, we must have some material broken principle, impact crusher work mechanism and working performance and further research, to the traditional impact crusher for the improvement and optimization design, so as to research and development of modern high energy impact crusher equipment.