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The main characteristic of impact crusher
Technical articles

The main characteristic of impact crusher

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-08-02    Size:Small Medium Big
At present, the main types to have the high speed crusher impact hammer crusher, the high-speed impact plate crusher, high-speed mouse cage type (great pin) crusher, etc. According to the arrangement of the rotor and a hammer row Numbers on, into vertical and horizontal horizontal and vertical single, double row and multi, etc. The high-speed impact crusher and other types of crusher (such as ball mill), it is characterized by the unit power big crushing ratio, easy to adjust crushing grain size, application range, mechanical installation cover an area of an area small, and a closed circuit broken, etc.
Impact crusher is around a horizontal or vertical axis of high speed rotating axially symmetrical with heavy impact of material, make its and fixed body between collision or particles impact collisions, which make the material of the broken a superfine crushing equipment. So widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining, pesticide, food, medicine and nonmetals industry broken medium hardness materials.
The main characteristic of impact crusher is:
1. Machine internal forced ventilation is to play a role classification, 2 it is spread of heat.
2. The machine has two tied for broken room, achieve namely one machine for two broken homework effect, the first broken the rotor diameter less than the second room of the rotor diameter crushing chamber, and to radial blades. Each room no. 1 in the broken rotor blades and the longitudinal Angle about 5 to 15, discharging rotation direction to install, 2 rotor blades of perpendicular to the axis. On the leaf are fixed have high hardness alloy can replace the blade, the broken room cylinder parallel opposite, meantime have small gap. The first break room and the second break between the Chambers, the second break room and fan chamber are separated by adjusting between the ring. The two groups were up the impact, grinding, shear function and collision of guangxi counter action to make the material broken.
3. Machine Settings are slag discharge system, the machine in the operation process, can remove debris and remain within the machine to grind cobble, be helpful for improving product quality, ensure normal production capacity, reduce wear.
4. But with micro powder classification units into various system, used in all kinds of different requirements of mineral broken.