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What is the hammer crusher?
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What is the hammer crusher?

Origin:hsmmac    Date:2012-11-01    Size:Small Medium Big
Huashengming Hammer crusher is the role of the high-speed impact of the use of hammerhead, the material broken broken machinery and crushing operations. Hammer head hinged on the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the body lower part of the grate bars to control nesting grain. Material into the crusher first by the high-speed impact of the movement of the hammer and the initial broken, and access to energy at the same time, high-speed flying to the chassis on the inner wall of broken plate again been broken. Smaller than the the grate gap of materials is discharged outside the machine, is greater than the the grate gap material block in the grate bars once again under the hammer impact and grinding until discharge was less than the grate gap.
The hammer crusher broken than large, too crushed less material, lower energy consumption. Hammer wear faster, on the application of hard materials broken by the restrictions; another the grate bars afraid clogged, is not advisable to use it crushing humidity and clay-containing materials. This crusher is usually used in crushing limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, chalk in hard brittle materials below.
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